Integrated engineering and logistics solutions for ammunition and explosive ordnance across Europe

Professional b2b services

Coordination and real-time monitoring of explosive and ammunition logistics operations responding to our clients’ economic and safety challenges, while dealing with an evolutive and complex regulatory landscape.

Class 1 materials expertise

On-the-ground experience of using and managing ammunition and explosive ordnance, including in the fields of multimodal logistics, ADR Class 1-specific regulation, and workplace safety.

Tailor-made solutions

Understanding our clients’ challenges and analysing their needs to build up a mutually agreed logistics action plan and a shared roadmap.

Our services


Data collection, products analysis, desktop review and risk survey to assess feasibility and design a logistics action plan.


Monitoring products flows, loading and unloading specific transportation vehicles, managing handling operations in secured warehouses, identifying and actioning specific device to dispose Class 1 materials according to the most restrictive environmental and safety norms.

Class 1 materials safety

About Us

MUNEXLOG (MXL) SAS is a French-registered company specialized in managing turnkey engineering and logistics services for ammunition and explosive ordnance across Europe.

We design door-to-door logistics solutions and provide close coordination and real-time monitoring of transportation, storage and disposal operations built on our expertise and our network of specialists.

At MUNEXLOG (MXL) SAS, we apply the highest levels of professionalism, expertise, and customer service to deliver comprehensive logistics solutions for Class 1 materials dedicated to private clients as well as institutional partners across Europe.

Corporate social responsibility

MUNEXLOG (MXL) promotes short supply chains and recycling opportunities to protect our natural resources lowering the carbon impact of its activities while seeking permanent logistics efficiency.

MUNEXLOG (MXL) also strives to develop among its employees and partners a compliance culture based on the strong belief that only business ethics can guarantee a long-term performance.

MUNEXLOG (MXL) strictly respects its obligations in terms of workplace health and safety as well as duty of care to fulfil their requirements as an employer of choice. A close monitoring of loss time injury is considered as a company key success factor for all stakeholders.

MUNEXLOG (MXL) eventually collaborates with international companies hosted in countries that have opted for ISO26000 as their national quality baseline.

Optimized global solution
Technical management of class 1 materials
Legal and regulatory compliance

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